Top 10 Highlights from Burt White’s Focus Presentation

For those of you who were able to see Chief Investment Officer Burt White in person at the LPL Focus conference yesterday, you got a great show. Burt is always engaging and informative. Every year he gives advisors something to take back to their offices to help other investors. This year, Burt did not disappoint. Here are our top 10 highlights from Burt’s presentation, which will be available on video relay next week.

10 LPL CEO Mark Casady’s tweet as Burt’s presentation got underway: Already getting his #BurtWhite on! @_BurtWhite telling it like it is.

9 The real definition of a recovery is getting out of the hospital. The Federal Reserve hasn’t dismissed us yet.

8 The U.S. economy is not living up to its potential. With gross domestic product (GDP) growth at about 2.1%, to close the potential “gap” would require an additional $365 billion in economic activity.

7 Diversification hasn’t worked 4 out of the past 5 years. But it has in 10 of the past 16. Diversification works over the long term.

6 Luxuries are cheap, but necessities are expensive. This isn’t a good recipe for middle class growth, which is needed to spur the economy into action.

5 “Extra fries” and “exercise” sound the same, but unfortunately they are not the same. Neither are averages and medians.

4 Ingredients to unlock our economic potential: real GDP growth, wage growth, and business investment. This should prompt spending and move the economy away from its stagnant savings dilemma.

3 Mmmmm cookies!

2 Some sprinkles for your cookies: Exchange-Traded Product (ETP) Strategic Portfolios, American Funds Models, and, to help with conversations about performance: diversified benchmarks!

1 Potential is not about doing your best, it’s about helping others achieve their best!

So there you have it—some of the highlights from another great effort from Burt White. Look for more from us on the conference later this week and next as we try to take the best from San Diego and bring it to everyone unable to make the trip this year. Thanks for your continued interest in LPL Research and we’ll see some of you next summer in Boston for Focus 2017!


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