Outlook 2017: The Video

LPL Research is proud to present our new video: Outlook 2017: Gauging Market Milestones, the companion piece to our Outlook 2017 publication.

This seven-minute multimedia presentation highlights our forecasts for stocks, bonds, and the economy, and discusses the gauges we are watching in 2017, with recommendations on how to invest. You can watch the video below.

For 2017, we expect the bull market may continue with a potential pickup in the pace of economic growth, as rising business investment and fiscal stimulus complement steady consumer spending. We will be monitoring three key areas as discussed in the video: 1) a smoother path to policy changes; 2) a return to earnings growth; and 3) the Federal Reserve in play. Tune in to the video to learn more about these themes and details regarding our full-year 2017 forecasts.

According to John Canally, LPL Research Chief Economic Strategist, who narrated the video, “Being prepared for 2017 is about assessing how financial markets, corporations, policymakers, and the broad economy will adapt to a possible mid-to-late cycle growth rebound, a new presidential cycle, and a steadier path toward interest rate normalization.”

In the months ahead, the LPL Research team will be reading the gauges and making adjustments, while staying strategic and maintaining a long-term view. We encourage you to leverage Outlook 2017 and consult your financial advisor as you seek to make progress toward your long-term financial goals.


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