LPL Advisors’ Top Tweets: September 2018

We are humbled by the opportunity to exchange information and ideas with LPL advisors on social media, and we are always learning from their best practices. Here are some of our favorite shares from September:

A highlight for LPL Research was the launch of Market Signals, our new weekly podcast featuring current market trends and projections. Jacob L. Sturgill, CFP®, of Puckett & Sturgill Financial Group in Westminster, Maryland highlighted an easy way to access our podcast via Google Play and iTunes:

Jake Surgill LPL Tweet

LPL advisors continued to share our blog,, during the month. Grace S. Yung, CFP®, of Midtown Financial Group LLC in Houston, Texas featured a blog about critical changes to the S&P 500 Index’s telecommunication services sector:

Grace S. Yung LPL Tweet

Here, The Segrust Group of Schaumburg, Illinois raised a common question regarding the midterm elections:

The Segrust Group LPL Tweet

Our weekly market and economic commentaries continue to be popular on social, as in this example from Sunhee Lee, MBA, of Genesis Wealth Management in Leonia, New Jersey, where Main Street’s views on the U.S. economy are featured:

Sunchee Lee LPL Tweet

We are always happy to see more LPL advisors build their digital footprint, and we wanted to welcome the team at Millennium Wealth Management of Birmingham, Michigan. We are looking forward to staying social with you!

Millennium Wealth Management

Throughout the month, our team was fortunate to discuss our market and economic outlook at LPL advisors’ events. Here is one of our favorite posts of our Chief Investment Strategist @JohnLynchLPL with David Gilliam of David P. Gilliam and Associates, Inc. in Muncie, Indiana:

David Gilliam LPL Tweet

As always, LPL Research values the opportunity to hear from LPL advisors. We invite you to join our daily discussions and check out @LPLResearch.


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