FERC Ruling Pressures MLPs

Thursday’s news that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will no longer allow master limited partnerships (MLP) to recover an income tax allowance in their regulated cost of service rates drove the group down about 4.5% on the day (the benchmark Alerian MLP Index was down over 10% at one point on an intra-day basis). The policy change, which only impacts regulated interstate oil and gas pipelines and not all pipeline partnerships, can be appealed but our sense is the rule may stick. In effect, the reduced MLP tax burden is being returned to the government.

On the surface, this makes complete sense and was not totally unexpected. These are regulated entities that earn a specified rate of return. However, there were some surprises:

  • Some had expected just a notification of intent rather than a final ruling.
  • No exemptions were granted.
  • No offsets. Some expected some counteraction to limit the impact.
  • C-corp structures may be impacted. Natural gas pipeline rates for entities structured this way are under review.

Our investment case for MLPs has been based on U.S. energy production growth, attractive yields, and deregulation. We believe these factors remain favorable, and the transition to more internal funding (and less reliance on external capital markets for funding) is a long-term positive. However, the transition has been bumpy. MLP investors have watched the group struggle as the energy sector has underperformed, interest rates have risen, distribution growth has slowed (part of the transition to self-funding), the new tax law reduced how much interest costs could be deducted, and now as tariffs are being placed on imported steel. On top of that, oil prices may be topping out.

Bottom line, while the bumpy ride for MLPs could continue a little while longer as the market adjusts to these developments, we still believe suitable investors seeking higher-yielding investment options may benefit from exposure to this group.


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