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LPL Financial houses one of the largest independent research teams in the industry. Our team of experienced analysts, strategists, and investment specialists deliver objective advice and insightful commentary in a simple, relatable way.

LPL Research aims to serve as your financial professional’s trusted partner, providing market guidance and investment solutions to help you pursue your goals. To accomplish this, the team is separated into groups that work together across several functions: performing high-quality due diligence, offering asset allocation advice, creating and managing portfolios, communicating our market and economic insights, and providing exceptional customer service.

At LPL Research, we understand that investing is both a financial and emotional effort, and it can be difficult to cut through all the clutter. We keep a pulse on the global markets so that we can keep up with the rapid pace of change and make sure you feel informed and ready for what may lie ahead.

We also strive to communicate our perspective in a way that’s not only timely and useful, but also engaging and relatable. We produce a variety of publications, charts, videos, blog posts, infographics, and podcasts (our newest addition!) to deliver our analysis and insights.

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